Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Jennifer Garrett?

Jennifer Garrett is not Jennifer Garner. She is also not Jennifer Eccleston. She is not a research associate. She is not an artist. She is not an actress. She is a writer and editor who used to live in Jamaica Plain, a lovely neighborhood of Boston, but now resides deep in the suburban wilderness.

2. Okay, so now we know where you live. How else can we stalk you?

You can reach me via e-mail or at Twitter. I do not enjoy other stalking methods, so please do not attempt them.

3. How did you start blogging?

You can blame it all on Biz Stone.

4. Do people really call you Jennifer?

It's true, people rarely call me Jennifer, and you'll find that I refer to myself as Jen. You may address me as Jen, Garrett, thealltogethernow JenGarrett, or almost anything else you can come up with as long as it's not Jenny. And, no, it's not funny when you call me Jenny anyway.

5. Did you really have a roommate named Jen or is she a figment of your imagination?

Jen does in fact exist. You can see her here, with my step-dog, Sam. That's right, he's a pit bull, so reconsider your response to question 2.

6. Are you the Jen Garrett I remember from college/high school/elementary school/Bible school?

It's certainly possible if you went to Wellesley College, Billerica Memorial High School, Warsaw Middle School, Baker Junior High School, or South Elementary. Bible school seems doubtful as I was gently reared as a Catholic and attended CCD.

7. Where exactly do they breed freakshows like you?

I was born in Ohio and grew up in the Dayton area, as well as Billerica, Mass.

8. Are you hot?

I resent this question. Of course I'm hot.

9. Are you a narcissistic, self-absorbed egomaniac?

Yes. Are you reading this at work?

10. I love your site and I want to give you something. What should I get you?

Anything from my wishlist would be lovely, thank you. I also love Mountain Dew, fast cars, Barq's Red Creme Soda, Dixon Ticonderoga soft #2 pencils, and cute little socks. Look, I never claimed to be normal.