Saturday, January 30

Cautious optimism


Perhaps I'll be able to finish this to-do list this year.

Tuesday, June 23

After the boys of summer have gone

So, apparently, I miss baseball. This shouldn't surprise anyone, even though my Sox love will never be as strong and ever-present as in 2003-2004. Bygones. The point is this: Last night, I dreamed that the Sox needed me. They needed me to play. Apparently, in my fantastical dreamland, I am a catcher, but when they told me I was getting in the game, I panicked. Because I had forgotten all the signs. So I had to talk frantically with the pitcher, trying to decide if one finger down means the fastball or two fingers. And then I woke up, because that was some stressful shit.

Tuesday, May 26

Listen up

Making playlists is one of my favorite things to do, so when my friend Carrie posted about the One Song a Year challenge on the Facebooks, there was no way I could resist.

Many years were a struggle for me (how do you pick between Blood on the Tracks and Born to Run?!?), and some years I felt like I had to dig deep (2009 & 2013, I’m looking at you), but I think I could re-make this list every year and come up with different decisions. I almost made an alternates playlist, but there were a few years where I didn't have a second choice (mainly because my first pick was so solid, I didn't even go looking further. I mean, if I wanted to, I'm sure I could come up with more songs). There are some artists and entire genres missing (my early 2000s love of Eminem and hard rock is glossed over in favor of my enduring love for singer/songwriters), but decisions like that are what make this a really fucking difficult challenge. It took me the better part of a weekend to craft it, but what else do you have to do? Take it at your own risk.

The Rules: • A song from each year you have been alive • The song has to be from the year it was released • An artist can only appear once • It has to be a really good song • It doesn’t have to be the first song you found from the artist • It doesn’t have to be your favorite song from the artist, but it has to be an artist/song that has your love forever

Of course, I made it into an actual playlist, so you can listen to my list on Spotify here.

Wednesday, March 18

Strange days, indeed

Okay, so we are living through some weird shit right now, people. And there's not much that we can do but hunker down and wash our hands a lot. So I'm reading a bunch (mostly happily-ever-after romance stuff, because I don't need anymore reality, thanks), and I'm creating playlists on Spotify. Also, petting my dogs a lot, because they are gorgeous and sweet and have no idea what the hell a virus is.

Thursday, February 6

It takes more than whiskey to make that flower bloom

Now, as much as I'd like to be the cool chick who drinks whiskey on the regular, I think we all know that's not me. Sure, in my head I'm some variation on Marlene Dietrich (with better eyebrows) who is far too jaded and eyebrow-arching to drink anything other than whiskey (neat), but in reality, I'm more a Mountain Dew and margaritas woman. We can't all be smoky, dammit. Bygones. My point is this: I recently discovered Chris Stapleton. (Yes, I know, I'm about five years late to the party. Shut it.) And many (many!) of his songs are either about whiskey or feature it prominently. Sure, this seems like rampant alcoholism, but it's damn good music. And it has inspired my latest attempt at the perfect playlist, the Whiskey Mix. Sure, it's got Stapleton's version of Tennessee Whiskey (so good) and Whiskey and You (even better), and the Doors' Alabama Song. And a few others so far that evoke the right mood (Thin Line … because whiskey, and because always HoneyHoney. Always). I'll keep working on this list, because with the way the world is going, I really, really need a stiff drink. And this may be as good as it gets for me.

Update: Spotify playlist, bitches!

Friday, January 31

I'm gonna go to west Memphis and look for my joy

When the world gets to me a little too hard, there are a few things I can do to make myself feel better: Re-read a good romance novel. Or Anne of Green Gables. Watch Dirty Dancing for the 8,000th time. But when it comes to "no, for serious, I fucking need to smile right now or I will either cut a bitch or dissolve into a pool of anxious goo," my go-to for the last several years has been Jensen Ackles lip-sycing to "Eye of the Tiger." Because I cannot watch that video without 1. smiling like an idiot and 2. feeling better. I mean, even if you're not a Supernatural fan, that shit is funny as hell. And Jensen is stupid hot. Bygones. My point is this: There's a new contender in town, and that is the Boston-themed Hyandai ad. Chris Evans! John Krasinski! Rachel Dratch! Big Papi! (His Bigness, if you please.) It cracks me up every time I watch it. The over-the-top accents. The combined hotness. It's fucking perfect. (And when John calls Chris "kid," it slays me. I don't know why.) Hopefully, these two YouTube clips will get me through the rest of what is guaranteed to be a truly epic shitshow of a year.

Wednesday, January 22

Jen's deadliest sins

In the world according to me, burning your sister's book is apparently a sin far worse than say … shivving your father with a lightsaber. Okay, not really, but I have to admit, I came close to almost forgiving Kylo Ren by the end of The Rise of Skywalker. I'm not sure why, since I'm generally not a fan of Adam Driver (it's been hard to take him seriously as a villain since I saw him first in Girls). Maybe it was because Rey believed in him? Maybe it was just because Amy is so much worse. She would have never betrayed the Dark Side!

Episode IX was pretty decent, on the whole. There could have been a bit more judicious editing, but they took the story where it needed to go, plus lots of fun bonus crying for every scene with Carrie Fisher. Actually, to be brutally honest, I started crying as soon as the scroll started. I've been watching these movies my whole life, and it's weird finally getting to the end. I mean, sure, there will likely be more movies, because Disney never met a franchise it didn't like, but it won't be the same. And, unlike Little Women, I still like these stories, even as an adult.

Sunday, January 19

Short stack

My stack of book gifts was a bit smaller this year, but I've got a couple gift cards burning a hole in my pocket, so I'm sure it will grow. 

Friday, January 17

Still not over it

I remember really liking Little Women when I was younger. I remember enjoying Christian Bale immensely as Laurie. But I had no desire to see the latest remake because I'm coming to the realization that Little Women is not really a great book. Or at least, I no longer like it. Amy is trash. Jo foolishly turns down Laurie (which I think I would be okay with if she became a spinster author or ended up in a nice Wellesley marriage, but she marries that horrible German professor guy. So gross). And did I mention Amy is the worst? The. Worst. She burns Jo's book. There's no redemption from that, people. I warn you now: If I ever write a book, and you destroy my only copy of it, I will not forgive you. I probably wouldn't forgive you even if it weren't my only copy. And I may cause you serious bodily harm.

Nonetheless, my friend Leigh convinced me to go see it. And sure, it was a lovely adaptation, regardless of whether or not they played with some shit that was not in the book. (Not. In. The. Book.) Sure, I cried my way through most of the second half, because I'm not a monster, and Beth dies, all tragic and beautiful and shit. Timothee Chalamet did a nice job as Laurie, but still … there's something inherently flawed about the story that I can't quite put my finger on. I think the real reason I liked it as a kid was because I was so eager to see depictions of female writers. That's definitely part of the reason behind my love for the Little House series. Also, Manly. Sigh.

Monday, December 16

Just your usual semideranged partiality

When all else fails, read.
"The truth is, my granddad's a pretty biased man. He thinks I'm this astonishing, talented, wonderful person, in spite of all available evidence to the contrary. But that's sort of what love is, I guess. A perpetual state of semideranged partiality."
-- For Real, by Alexis Hall