Friday, April 11

Activist tells Wellesley women: Feminism is a fraud

Yes, it's true, Wellesley hosted Phyllis Schlafly earlier this week. The Milford Daily News quotes her as saying, "Feminism is not compatible with marriage and motherhood ... I feel sorry for the feminists, but they made their choice." Many women today seem afraid to call themselves a feminist, but I'm not. To paraphrase/misquote somebody, "Feminism is the radical notion that women are people." And somehow, I feel the many feminists who are also mothers and wives might take umbrage at Schlafly's statement.

Sadly, I could not be at the event to debate with Schlafly, because I had to support the endeavors of the women playing their hearts out in the NCAA basketball tournament. I'm sure that Schlafly would have found them to be distinctly unfeminine, but I found them simply amazing.

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