Friday, April 25

The Ante is Upped

Apparently, quinoa was just the beginning. Steve challenges me with "maquechoux, boudin, chaudin, tasso, and andouille."

These names look suspiciously French to me. Now, as everyone knows, I was a Spanish major in college. This means two things: 1) I cannot pronounce a damn thing in French; and 2) I cannot pronounce a damn thing in Spanish.

First person to clue me in as to the mysterious food stuffs above without consulting a French-English dictionary or asking someone they know in Louisiana wins the prize.

Steve adds, "I see that no less than 3 of my LSU Lady Tigers were drafted. Excellent!" I should acknowledge here, in public, that LSU had a great team this year, as did LA Tech. The match-up between them in the NCAA tournament was intense. And while we're on the draft, I was surprised to see how long it took a team to snap up Villanova's Trish Juhline (32). She'll be joining the Washington Mystics.

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