Sunday, April 27

Confidence in confidence alone

I like Ed Burns. I realized the other day that I like him in much the same way I like Ben Affleck: They both have a hometown, boy-next-door "whatever" attitude that I just find immensely appealing. They both can say "fuck you" with authority. I find this trait important, what can I say? My mother always said I had a mouth like a trucker. The point being, I like Ed Burns, so I went to see his latest flick, Confidence.

It had some ... flaws. First, it tried to be Ocean's Eleven and without George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Steven Soderbergh, forget about it. Second, I don't like Rachel Weisz. She is suddenly ubiquitous and I can't figure out why. Third, the plot tried to con you and failed.

That said, I still like Ed Burns. And he has good hair in the movie, which he didn't in his earlier, better movies, like The Brothers McMullen.

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