Thursday, April 3

If you let me play...

The WNBA sent out their e-mail newsletter recently, reminding me that the WNBA draft is quickly approaching as the NCAA tournament draws to a close (go Lady Vols!). They also reminded me to sign their petition in support of Title IX:
Since the passage of Title IX in 1972, the number of women in college sports has grown dramatically from 32,000 to 163,000 today -- a gain of 400%. Girls' participation in high school sports has increased 847%, from 294,000 to almost 2.8 million.
Even with these advances, discrimination still limits girls' and women's opportunities in sports. Although women in Division I colleges represent 53% of the student body, they receive only 41% of opportunities to play sports, 36% of overall athletic operating budgets and 32% of the dollars spent to recruit new athletes. In high schools, the situation is even more concerning, with many schools still failing to administer boys' and girls' programs in an equitable manner.
Title IX is a fair and flexible law. Men's sports opportunities have not suffered as a result of Title IX; in fact, nationwide, men's participatory opportunities, numbers of teams and sports budgets have all grown since Title IX was enacted.
Online petitions are not always effective, but I had to sign this one.

"If you let me play sports ... I will like myself more ... I will have more self-confidence ... I'll be 50 percent less likely to get breast cancer ... I will suffer less depression ... I will be more likely to leave a man who beats me ... I'll be less likely to be pregnant before I want to ... I will learn to be strong." My favorite Nike ad ever.

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