Wednesday, April 16

Remember when I took the "What kind of smile are you test" and it said I was a glare? Well, imagine my response to this: Boston hopes to make people smile in traffic.

Yes, they are proposing a Mass. license plate with a smiley face on it. People in Boston don't want to smile in traffic. We like our bitterness. We're proud of it, like our ability to withstand nine months of winter. "How can you be riding the tail of someone with a Smiley Face plate?" said Charles Ball, son of the original designer of the smiley face. "If there are enough of those plates on the road, all kidding aside, there would be a positive effect out there."

Sorry, but the first smiley-face plate I see, I'm going to ram them. Right after I smash into the "baby on board" minivan.

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