Wednesday, April 23

WNBA lives to play another day

WNBA's continued existence is something to cheer about: "The WNBA lives on. Thank goodness. Don't slide this story to the back of your mind. This is a story that you should care about.

You should care if you have a daughter.

You should care if you have a son.

You should care if you believe in equal life chances.

You should care if you believe in role models and heroes.

You should care if you believe in the positives of sport.

You should care if you understand the ramifications upon women's sports if the labor agreement wasn't achieved."

Anyone who has read my blog knows this: I love women's sports, and women's basketball in particular. You can't imagine what a relief it is to know that the WNBA isn't folding. I know it's "just sports," but, for me, women's sports take on special meaning; when they play, the athletes show me a little bit of who I want to be. And maybe they do that for the next generation as well: "The young girl who enters KeyArena on a summer evening to watch women play professional sports leaves the arena with an expanded view of the world. She has seen women in the spotlight. She has seen women with insane competitiveness, and she has seen strength. Most importantly, it was those qualities that were applauded with gusto."

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Are you the Jennifer Garrett from Yreka?