Wednesday, May 7

Credit where credit is due

Pam e-mailed me today: "Angie checked out 'being jennifer garrett' today and was very upset that she was not credited for making the whole tv shopping adventure happen. Angie reminds you that she is not taupe or another offensive color and that she thought you and she were friends."

As I mentioned before, Jen and I bought a TV this weekend. It is 27 inches, an upgrade from our old 19-incher, and it came in a box which more than amply padded it. The boys at Best Buy asked us what kind of car we were driving (Pam was supplying her infinitely adorable VW Golf), and repeatedly encouraged us to use their delivery option after we told them of our means of transport.

They may have scoffed, but Angie (aka lovely blue Golf) was more than up to the task. We folded down the back seat, put in the TV, put in Jen, put in the bags from Target, the lawn chairs from Target, and the clothes from Old Navy, and then Pam and I lounged in comfort in the front.

Moral of the story: Never underestimate a Golf.

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