Friday, May 16

It's . . . orange

April and Leigh bought me my first LiveWire Mountain Dew this morning. Yes, I know I said that I would never drink this stuff, but I haven't been grocery shopping in approximately 800 years, so this morning I was out of the Dew. And, the website is quick to point out that "LiveWire has the same caffeine level as Regular Mountain Dew." And we're on deadline. I need the juice, people.

As for the taste...well, it tasted orange. Not orange like the delicious citrus fruit, but like the color. (Anyone who has lived in Ohio or has tasted the culinary delight that is RedPop knows how colors can have flavors.) It tasted orange with kind of a bitter Dew aftertaste. I don't know if this is the "tongue-zapping orange ignited flavor only Mountain Dew can deliver" that the advertising promises or not, but I'm pretty sure I won't be drinking this again.

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