Wednesday, May 21

Let the countdown begin

Tomorrow is opening day for the WNBA season. I can't wait to see the Liberty play the Sun, and the Comets play the Sparks (frankly, I would watch the Comets play anyone just to see the triumvirate of power in action). Vera Jones weighes in with her games to keep an eye on in the season ahead.

You thought I was going to let a blog go by without some bitterness, didn't you? Not going to happen. Why can't I watch any games on f'ing opening day? Houston plays Seattle in the season opening game. I'm dying to see upstart Sue Bird go against seasoned veterans Swoopes, Cooper, and Thompson. Will I get to see it? Will anyone get to see it who isn't in the arena? No. The first televised game is Saturday at 4 on ABC (Connecticut versus L.A.). Watch it.

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