Saturday, May 24

My gendered life

As I mentioned yesterday, my dad is in town. Today is his birthday, so wish him a happy one if you see him. The sisters and I are buying him a digital camera for the auspicious occasion, so don't be surprised if there are a few "technology can bite me" blogs whilst I try to make sure the thing actually works in such a way that my dad can use it.

Since my dad has been here, we've talked about: blogging, the internet, cell phones, digital cameras, laptops, operating systems, HTML, tools and the build-it-yourself bookcase my dad bought me, the war, politics, the Sox/the Reds/the Indians and Fenway Park, and cars. It's a raging stereotype, but it's true. I forget that I don't have that many male perspectives in my life (what do you expect? I work at Wellesley), and it's always nice to hear them weigh in on things.

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