Tuesday, May 13

My so-called Hollywood Life

There are only a few magazines I subscribe to: TV Guide, Women's Basketball, SI:Women (sadly now a Health magazine subscription), and Movieline. I think it's obvious why I subscribe to TV Guide; on-screen guides are great but I hate scrolling and I like to plan ahead. Plus, I can do the crossword no problem. WB and SI:Women -- hello, chicks playing sports. I'm on it. Movieline -- now that is a magazine I have loved since it was an upstart back in the day. I have a subscription already for the next two years.

Which is why my latest issue came as a shock. Movieline has morphed into Movieline's Hollywood Life. When I saw this, I wanted to hurl the repellent thing as far from me as possible. Then my saner mind took over and insisted I read it first. Maybe it was the same funny, irreverent look at movies that I have always loved, but just with a lame new name.

Alas, no. It's an InStyle wannabe. It's neither substance nor fluff, but somewhere in between, trying to please everyone.

And, on a separate criticism, if the new focus is "Hollywood life" (aka style), why the hell choose Lisa Kudrow as your first cover girl?

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