Friday, May 16

Picky, picky, picky

I really need to go to the grocery store. I came home from work tonight, decided I needed to, I don't know, eat dinner, and looked in the cupboard. Yeah, it was bare, baby. Luckily, I had tuna on hand so I could make a sandwich. Problem 1: I had no bread. As chance would have it, I had buns from when I was going to make hamburgers, but didn't. Okay, problem 2: I had a teaspoon of Miracle Whip left. Before you go off on how disgusting Miracle Whip is, I will remind you that I'm from Ohio. This shit is haute cuisine to us. Plus, I don't like the taste of real mayonnaise. It's too...eggy. I had to use 2/3 real mayo to make up the difference. The sandwich was surprisingly good. But that may be attributed to the fact that I was a little hungry. Dinner at 10 pm will do that to you.

Second picky thing: Leigh's blog is getting as much traffic as I am. Not that I'm bitter.

Third picky thing: F'ing new Blogger appears to be giving the shaft to Mac users. Now, I'm used to this in general, but I resent using the "LoFi" version of anything 'cause y'all like MicrokissmyassSoft. Maybe I'm reading the release notes wrong. I don't like being mad at Blogger. I've gotten to like them in the last few months.

Fourth and final thing: I'm watching Catch Me If You Can tonight, and I'm really enjoying the extended opening credits. They're very cool -- very sixties, very smooth. At the same time I'm appreciating this old school methodology, I'm thinking, "Start the movie already!"

What can I say? I'm one impatient bitch.

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