Saturday, May 17

Rage against the machine

I went to see The Matrix: Reloaded today. My reactions, in brief:

Wow. That is cool. Dude, that is sweet. Oh, c'mon, that looked totally fake. Dude, that is cool. Wait, I'm not blinking. Why aren't I blinking? I should blink. (blink) That hurt. Whoa! That was cool. Remember to blink. Carrie-Anne Moss should wear that shiny outfit all the time. Okay, that was lame. Why is Laurence Fishburne constantly talking like he's delivering a speech? Remember to blink. I should blink again. Isn't that Rage Against the Machine? Oh, the irony. This is a good song. I wish I knew kung fu. I love it when they blow shit up. Gotta blink again. I want to see the preview for the next one, but these are the longest credits I've ever seen. I'll just close my eyes. It's better than blinking.

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