Tuesday, May 20

Too hot for words

It's been well documented that I get markedly crankier as the temperature rises. It's around 80 degrees here in Beantown today, and, true to form, I'm in a wonderfully pissy mood. It's really not hot enough for me to be this cranky; I'm not that much of a heat wuss. Perhaps it's because it's the first really warm day of the season? Perhaps it's because work is simultaneously winding down and winding up? Perhaps the stars are misaligned. I don't know.

Needless to say, the state of brow-furrowing general schmeggle has not enabled me to compose my thoughts on the whole Annika Sorenstam situation. I've been reading a lot of opinions (for some good reads, check here and here), but I'm ambivalent. Part of me thinks, why shouldn't she play with the boys if that's what she wants, but another part of me thinks she's hurting the cause of women's sports. Why do we have women's leagues? Because, to be brutally honest, the majority of women athletes can not successfully compete against men. We're just different physically. So my problem is really the general attitude of society that women's sports aren't as good as men's sports -- women athletes are amazing. Why do we have to compare disparate things? Perhaps it's the nature of competition.

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