Thursday, June 26

Blog in the place where you live

Okay, so my blog has been transitioned over to new Blogger, which is why I didn't post last night (and explains the sideblog "f-ing new blogger" comment). I'm prepared to get truly cranky because I don't like the "lo-fi" version of new Blogger, which is what I've been stuck with on my Mac. So, I'm in Netscape this morning because I want to check out how my blog is rendering in Netscape vs. IE. While still in Netscape, I swing past Blogger to see if I can now get to my blog -- and I can! And I'm not in the lo-fi version! V. exciting. So I scoot back over to IE to see if I get the same dealio over there ... but no. I'm back in the lo-fi. Ah-ha! F-ing IE, not f-ing Blogger! I always liked Netscape better (and as soon as I get OSX on ye olde work computer, I'm going Safari all the way), but I switched because Blogger didn't work with Netscape when I first started using it. Now I have to get used to using Netscape again ... because where I blog is where I live.

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