Wednesday, June 18

Going solo

Maybe I'm antisocial, but I like to do a lot of things alone. I like to go to the movies alone: No fighting over which flick to see when, no post-movie bitching if someone didn't like it, no one to eat your popcorn or drink your tasty beverage after they said they didn't want anything. I also like to eat out alone (this one seems to be the hardest for most people I know). Eating out alone is just ... indulgence. I love it. I order appetizers, drinks, an entree, dessert, the works. It's just me and my food and a book.

All that said, I really want to go to the July 6 Sun/Liberty game. After running down my short list of people who like basketball and like me, I hadn't really hit upon anyone who would be a sure thing. So I asked myself, "Why not go alone?" But I can't quite get my mind around the concept. I mean, sure, anyone who's seen me at a sporting function knows that I'm really not good company, what with the shouting, wild gesticulation, laser-beam-like focus, and all -- but I've never been to a game by myself. I'd also have to drive to Uncasville, Conn., alone. Maybe I'm more of a social creature than I thought.