Thursday, June 26

Kill joy

I was all set to make with the happy blog this evening, as I discovered while driving home tonight that I could steer with my left knee. (Don't tell my roommate, though -- she already worries about my driving.) It's important to have the Dixie Chicks on back-up vocals when steering with your knee, fyi.

However, this joy was soon mitigated by lo-fi Blogger smacking me in the face once I cranked up my sweet baby iBook with Safari 1.0 at home. I'm not sure I've properly expressed how much I completely loathe, despise, hate, and basically want to beat with a stick the "lo-fi" version of new Blogger (see rant below). It's ugly, it's stupid, and I really wish the geniuses over at Blogger had figured out how to make shit render properly in Macs before they switched us all over.

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