Tuesday, June 17

With summer nearly here (look, I live in Boston. Summer gets here in July and leaves in August), the time has come to make lists. Many, many lists.

1. Movies I really should have watched by now: Luckily, Netflix has an excellent queue option. I've got 183 DVDs lined up and waiting.

2. Things I really should have done by now: File everything that is currently sitting on top of my file cabinet. Clean my room. Put a second coat of stain on that bookshelf I need to put together. Write a novel. Become a better person. Etc.

3. Books I really should have read by now: I blew through the first of my summer reading, Hard Eight, last night. An excellent way to start. Also on the docket: Slaughterhouse Five, finishing War and Peace, Hearts in Atlantis, Family History, Madame Bovary, and In These Girls, Hope Is a Muscle.

If you have any further ideas for things I need to do, e-mail me. Please direct all illicit suggestions to my other address.

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