Thursday, June 5

Pure blogging enthusiasm

As you can probably tell by the increasing frequency of my posting, I've become addicted to blogging. Today, I shared my enthusiasm at a meeting about the medium. I could have talked about the topic for hours, but there was much work to be done to be ready for the 3,000 reunion attendees that will descend upon us tomorrow. (What's sick about this post in particular is I'm blogging standing up at an express computer terminal whilst I have a few minutes. Yes. I'm still at work. And instead of napping, eating, or just lying on the floor in a stupor, I wanted to blog.)

And this is what I wanted to blog: In the meeting today, I was the only woman. I think this is the first time that has occurred to me since I started at Wellesley in 1994. Even when I didn't work at the college, I worked in a small office with two other women. It didn't strike me until I was walking out of the meeting that I was the only estrogen representative there. I don't work in tech so this was the first time it really struck me that women are not wholly represented in this field. It particularly resonated because I've noticed that a lot of the "top" blogs are published by men. Are women less likely to blog? Or are they more likely to publish a journal-type blog, a genre which isn't as well-respected in the blogosphere?

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