Saturday, June 21

Reality check
I don't like reality TV. Unless it's TLC. Today I got sucked into my usual While You Were Out/Trading Spaces zone, and then it happened: For Better or for Worse totally dragged me under. I was wincing at the dresses, crying at the vows ... I was a total girl. It was highly disturbing. Luckily, my partner in crime, Jen, was around ("What did people do on Saturday nights before TLC?" she asks), and we could ground ourselves -- by discussing what dresses we would get for each other. I pretty much nailed Jen in a simple column dress, but I was uncertain as to the headgear. She had a slightly more difficult task: Neither she nor I can remember the last time I wore a dress. Even I don't know what kind of dress I would wear. Luckily, there is no imminent danger of vows anytime soon.

And on a separate note: If you end up on While You Were Out, remember this: You are amazed that your wife/husband/child/friend/relative would do this for you and you love them -- whether or not you love the room.

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