Thursday, June 5

Sweet nostalgia

In honor of this weekend's event, I bring you the first in a series of reunion blogs. (Actually, I am a little concerned that I won't be able to blog this weekend. I'm also a little concerned that I'm actually concerned about not being able to blog -- I may simply have to live my life! The horror!)

Jen and I discovered last night that some things have not changed in the nine years that we've known each other. Jen was the first person I met at Wellesley, as she lived in the room across the hall from mine. During that first year, we spent much time in the hallway, writing papers, studying, enacting The Lady of Shallot, and talking. Last night at 11:30, Jen and I were in the hallway of our apartment, talking about work, reunion, and how Sam has a cow face. We've had some of our best conversations in a hallway of some kind. Why we can't talk on the couch or in chairs, I don't know. Perhaps we just think better on our feet.

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