Tuesday, June 3

Why my roommate rocks

Whilst I was unable to formulate a response to Ms. Pressman's views due to my usual blind rage, my roommate Jen corresponded with her thusly:
I read your article about the WBNA, and I wanted to tell you personally why I think it's stupid. Although I believe that women should feel no obligation to force themselves to enjoy women's sports (or anything else) just because we're women, I also don't believe that it's appropriate to label women's basketball "inferior" just because you, Stacey Pressman, aren't interested in it. Who cares if you're interested in it or not? I had never read any of your articles before, and, I have to say, I'm not terribly interested in reading any more of your narcissistic, self-important proclamations about what is important and valuable according to you.
Um, yeah. What she said. Also, what she said.

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