Tuesday, July 15

Designing woman

While discussing the finer points of Trading Spaces with Jen last night (she had to talk me down after I liked Doug's redesign (click Seattle)), I realized that all the designers had a signature style. Not surprising, but each designer puts his own sense of style into the room, not the homeowners (which, at times, is a Very Good Thing). I've recently taken on the job of keeping my Wellesley class website because I'm a dork and I enjoy such things. I've already turned the front page into a blog (I'm lazy and it's just easier to update that way ... okay, and I love to blog). I want to redesign the whole site, and as I'm trying to come up with how I want it to look, I realize I'm just like Doug (no, I would never paint zebra stripes on the walls (click Gorski Lane)).

I want to make over the site in my own image. Which may be due, in part, to my limited knowledge of html, css, php, or any other random acronym you want to throw in there, but is, in fact, due to my style. I like the way my site looks (for the most part), and really, shouldn't the whole world be like me? I'll throw out a link when I finally get the site done and you can all let me know that I need to stick to my day job. Speaking of which ...

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