Thursday, July 10

Divided loyalties

As you all know, the NY Liberty is my team of choice. In the Western Conference, I choose the Comets. However, there aren't enough games televised for me to be picky about what team I watch -- I watch whoever is on, and if neither of my favorite teams are playing, whatever random mood I'm in determines who I root for. Unless it's the Sparks. I hate the Sparks. Much as I hate UConn basketball, I hate the Sparks. Here's what kills me though -- I hate the Sparks more than I hate UConn, because I actually root for Sue Bird whenever Seattle plays L.A. (okay, that and Lauren Jackson has totally won me over to the dark side). So, in last night's match-up of the Mystics and Sparks, you know who I wanted to win. And, despite having the worst record in the league (2-14), Washington gave a L.A. a run for their money, falling 97-91. It was one of the highest scoring WNBA games I've ever seen, and all I could think was, Washington is good. Sure, Holdsclaw is the leader, but she got serious support from Coco Miller and Stacey Dales-Schuman (two players I've also never liked, but I have to respect after last night). That team has talent. They just have to figure out how to finish a game.

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