Friday, August 29

Adventures in dining

As promised, we went to Tasca's last night for Jen's birthday. It was a good time -- at one moment, I felt like we were on some single-women-in-the-city television show, as I looked around the table of six women making bold comments and drinking sangria. (Sangria is up there with margaritas and Mountain Dew on the list of beverages of which I can drink unlimited quantities.) And then it happened: A challenge. I insisted that Maria try the patatas bravas as they were amazing, and she replied, "Only if you try the escargot." I never walk away from a challenge, so you heard it here first: Last night I ate a snail. And it wasn't disgusting. It was kinda chewy and tasted like nothing except the sauce it was cooked in. I'm not saying I'll eat it again, but it wasn't entirely unpleasant.

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