Monday, August 25


Last night, Robert Redford was in my dream (not current-day Bobby, but Way-We-Were Bobby plus a few years). It was strange because he was there (I don't frequently dream of celebrities, except this weird pattern with Ben Affleck, with occasional appearances by Matt Damon. Kinda like Project Greenlight). It was also strange because we were driving somewhere, and he wanted me to drive his Jeep Cherokee because it was a standard. This amused dream-Jen, but she played it cool and didn't mock him mercilessly for not being able to drive a stick (which should be your first clue that this was a Dream. I never pass on the opportunity to mock someone). Then he was giving me directions but completely last minute, like "of course you take a left here." I wanted to scream, "I don't know where I'm going!" which should be obvious to everyone by now.

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