Wednesday, August 13

Dude, the bells toll for me

We went to visit the Dayton carillon park this afternoon. First, I have an odd fondness for the carillon (the one at Wellesley gets me every time). Second, I discovered that I also really like walking through, around, over, and otherwise near really really old shit. We could walk through these great old train cars and they were amazing. The cars had stained-glass windows and an absolutely huge ladies room. Okay, I know I shouldn't be impressed by the bathroom, but it had a two seperate rooms! There was a velvet covered stool! Amazing. And the caboose was really cool -- I just wish they had let us go up into the loft seating where the railroad guys used to sit to watch the train.

I also got to walk around the Wright Flyer III, the first "pratical" airplane (meaning it actually could go up and do stuff and come back down without crashing). I also got an earful on the feud between Ohio and North Carolina on who gets bragging rights to claim aviation history. The Wright brothers lived, worked, and invented the stuff right here in Dayton, but they took the plane down to Kitty Hawk (if you've ever been to this area, you know that "flat" is an appropriate descriptor). It's come down to this: Ohio uses "Birthplace of Aviation" on the license plate, and N.C. uses "First in Flight" on its.

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