Friday, August 8

Like I never left

Last night, I dreamed that I was hitting the road tomorrow. I was wrapping things up at work (again), I had lunch with a work friend, and I was packing, deciding which clothes to bring and which CDs would make the cut into my holds-12 CD case. Now, I understand anxiety dreams before I leave, as I have an unnatural fear of not bringing something I'll need whenever I leave my home, but anxiety dreams about leaving after I've already left? C'mon, people.

In other exciting news, I visited the US Air Force Museum yesterday. Now, as I used to live right next to Wright-Patt, it was hardly the first time I'd been to the museum, but I still love it every time. There is something about walking under huge airplanes that is ... I want to say humbling, but it isn't. It's just cool. And I love walking through all these old planes, peering at the cockpit, echoing through the cargo hold (it's like being in the belly of the whale, people). Plus I got to take a picture of my "little" sister (*cough*23) grinning gleefully and playing with the controls in the pilot seat of an old fighter plane.

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