Wednesday, August 27

Short changed

I'm not a tall woman. I'm not quite short enough to be all cute and "petite," but I generally need to stand on things to get to shelves, and I can't change a light bulb in my "hey-dontcha-love-Boston-and-its-big-ass-ceilings-and-drafty-winters" home without a ladder. Today I'm wearing my heeled boots and thinking, wow, this is what the world looks like to everybody else. Then I had a moment where I felt bad for guys, because they can't legitimately wear such things to improve their stature; then I realized that, in general, even short guys are taller than me, so I stopped feeling bad.

You walk differently when you feel tall, and maybe it's just the boots, but I want to kick things. Perhaps it's best that I'm short most of the time, and, at worst, could only kick people in the shins, instead of the Charlie Angels' moves I'm envisioning.

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