Thursday, September 25

Disappointed and disillusioned

I finally went to see Matchstick Men last night. I love when Nic Cage gets twitchy and Sam Rockwell is swiftly earning a place in my heart (and don't you think he looks like Stone? Just me? Okay). Sadly, yet another movie has let me down. Ridley Scott started it off well, but the movie fell flat by the end. I have a history of enjoying con artist flicks; The Grifters being by far the best of the lot, which is interesting because the protagonists in both MM and the Grifters are named Roy. Coincidence? It must be, because that's where all similarities end. I knew I should have just listened to Ethan, but sometimes you have to find out for yourself.

I've only got Lost in Translation and Once Upon a Time in Mexico left to see now. (Okay, I also want to see Thirteen, but I suspect it's the kind of really good but also really depressing that I can see on video.) If I don't see a good flick soon, I may lose my faith in movies entirely.

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