Friday, September 5

Living on the edge

Yesterday, I took my car to the dealer and basically said, "Tell me what's wrong with it, if anything." This took quite a bit of trust on my part (or sheer stupidity? You decide). Today, I am here to tell you: I love my dealership. There were many things wrong with my car, nothing major, but enough things to produce a driving experience that was slightly ... off. Nothing really wrong, just not right.

When I started my car up last night, I couldn't hear my engine for the first time in months. My Saturn had become a luxury vehicle when I wasn't looking! Okay, after I drove it for awhile, I realized it still made car noise, but much less car noise. It's all very exciting; it's like I've fallen back in love with my car after reaching that icky stage in a relationship when you know that somewhere deep inside you still love the person, but really you just want them to go away and be replaced with a newer, shinier version (preferably a red one with a V6 engine). Now, who wants a ride?

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