Monday, September 29

On reading (and writing)

Steve Almond's column over at MobyLives (and that's Moby the whale, not the techno artist) reminded me of why it's important to make time to read books like The Human Stain or Middlemarch (yes, I've read it) or anything else that takes me more than an hour to finish. I recognize that these books have a place in my life -- even on days like today, when I hate my own ability to read and all I want to do is sleep or watch Trading Spaces. (Yes, now that you mention it, we are proofing the magazine this week). Almond writes, "Literature is nothing less, after all, than an ongoing discussion about what it means to be human. It is intended to awaken compassion within the reader and, when necessary, distress."

Saw the link over at the Bookslut.

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