Monday, October 27

Comfort food

I don't hate NYC as much as I did yesterday because I have been lulled into a food coma. I had dinner tonight at Craft, which was so unbelievably good it almost eclipsed the falafel. At nearly three hours, it was one of the longest meals of my life, which was heaven. Left to my own devices, three hours would be the length of every meal for me -- I have been documented as one of the world's slowest eaters. Just ask Leigh.

FOLIO:Show is keeping me alive with ideas -- the only problem is, I've spent the better part of the last few weeks thinking, and my brain is tired. I hope I don't hit total meltdown before the conference is over. Today was editorial boot camp, which entailed a room full of dorky editor-types oohing and aahing over headlines and dangling participles.

Tomorrow, I hope to hit some stuff about magazines on the web ... because, in case you hadn't noticed, I'm interested in, like, the internet and stuff.

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