Thursday, October 2

Do you feel like swimming?

I always forget that I have quite a collection of kick-ass CDs. Sure, with 250ish discs, I've got some crap, too, but I've got lots of stuff I'd forgotten that I really really like. This morning, I felt Like Swimming, and I listened to it on the way to work. If you're not a Morphine fan, a) why not? and b) you should be. I'd forgotten how sexy I Know You is (and I think I may have forgotten how sexy it is when you actually do know someone that well) and how Empty Box kills me every time.

I'm giving myself a new project (no, I haven't finished the last one yet): I'm putting all my favorite songs on the iBook. That way, I can listen to all the songs I love (like Big Empty by STP) without trolling through the crap I don't (almost everything else on the Crow soundtrack).

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