Saturday, October 25

Life is unforgiving and you need to forgive

In my ninth-grade English class, we had a test which included an on-the-spot analysis of a poem we had never seen before. It was a bad poem, something about headlights like lances, and I wrote about the fighting imagery, cars like tanks, feeling cut off/safe in cars, etc. My teacher marked me off on the test and basically told me my analysis was wrong. First, I don't think I was wrong. Second, it was a bad poem, but it stuck with me anyway. Driving home from work tonight, every headlight was an assault. I felt battered by the world. Which I think is an excellent mindset for a nice jaunt to New York City for the FOLIO Show. I'm taking the beloved iBook, but I don't know what my connectivity will be. I hope to be completely refreshed and energized by the conference and freakishly eager to blog it all, but I make no promises.

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