Friday, October 10

Like a whole other country

As you may have surmised, Boston is going crazy with Red Sox fever. For some reason, fans have adopted the phrase "Cowboy Up" as their new motto. Now, I haven't been following the Sox that much (like any good Sox fan, I have my superstitions. They lose when I watch them. If I watch Trading Spaces, they win. I'm sticking with my game plan until the end), so I don't know how this phrase originated. But I am a diligent reporter-type chica, so I asked my friend from Texas what the hell everyone is talking about.

His response? "Cowboy up means pull your shit together, toughen up, do what it takes, fight through the pain, transcend the moment, be great. Generally it means be the man."

Okay, then. Let's cowboy up, folks.

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