Saturday, November 29

Crawling out from under the rock

Retreating to my bedroom has been my main mode of convalescence since late Thursday night. I've slept ungodly amounts and left my bed for only a few brief moments (shower, food, etc.). My only contact with the outside world was a quick trip to CVS to gather supplies. While there, bleary-eyed and reading the drug indications on various packages guaranteed to make me feel better, I discovered that in addition to drugs, sleep, and a lot of Angel on DVD, I also needed nail polish. It was on sale! For $0.67! I needed pretty red toenails or I was never going to feel better, people. It's a simple fact of life.

I painted my toenails last night; the bottle claims the color is "Burgundy Frost" but really it's a lovely deep cherry shade that makes my toes happy. Plus, I feel very seasonal and festive. I'm not going shopping any time soon, but I am very festive.

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