Saturday, November 22

Fly like an eagle

My first regular season game was today. Driving over to BC, the adrenaline was pumping (you'd think I was going to play or something). I'd never heard of Oakland University (who knew it was in Michigan? Anyone?), so I didn't have an idea of how we were going to play. Plus, we lost three key starters, which I knew would really influence our game. Jacobs was coming back, as was Deveny and Droesch, but most of the first-years-now-sophomores who would be called upon in the coming months saw very little court time last season. I was worried.

I had reason to be. Oakland came out strong and led for most of the game. Oakland's Jayme Wilson nailed nearly every 3-pointer she put up -- and she put up a lot. Oakland used pressure a lot more than BC was comfortable with and the team didn't figure out how to counter it until late in the game. And when I say "late," I mean about 1:25 remained in the second half when BC finally decided that they were not going to lose their season opener at home. BC lead 59-57 with a little over a minute left, and then the defense went to work. Oakland was forced to deliberately foul, and since it was already over the limit, BC went to the charity stripe. Frankly, if it comes down to foul shots, I'm giving it to BC, especially if the opposition is stupid enough to foul Amber Jacobs. And they were. She nailed them. As did Deveny. Oakland got one more 3-pointer in, but BC won the game 68-60. Jacobs finished with 21 points, 3 rebounds, and Deveny had 19 points with 7 boards. First-year Sarah Marshall came out of nowhere and led the team with five assists. (When she came out on the court, I was confused, as she wasn't listed on the roster that they had printed up. I'm sure they'll rectify that by the next game.)

This is not the same team that made it to the Sweet 16 last year. The young players are just that -- young. They're not grabbing offensive boards, and they're missing key passes. But there is hope. And talent. And 26 more games.

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