Saturday, November 1

Making the cut

Driving home from the movies, I realized Rt. 128 is just like the Indy 500, except faster and more dangerous. (If you were on the road, I was the blur of hunter green in the fast lane with the music blaring. I didn't even realize my stereo went to 50 until today.) Which is just to preface this post with the notion that I enjoyed driving to and from the movie more than the actual movie itself. I saw In the Cut, which involved Meg Ryan doing things that I was uncomfortable seeing her do. Apparently, her transition to "serious actress" involves sneering instead of smiling and flashing her breasts. 1. I've seen better. 2. Quit curling your lip to show that you are smart! Sneering and mumbling poetry does not equal intelligence!

That is all. Please resume your normal activities.

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