Tuesday, November 4

Sometimes thinking about the universe freaks me out

While listening to several student presenters at Wellesley's Tanner conference, I realized Earth is just a little tiny speck in the vastness of space. It made me kind of anxious. Once we were done talking about sunspots and Mars and such, it got easier. The next presenter talked about geology, and I haven't seen anyone so excited about rocks since I was about 6. (I used to have a rock collection. I found it a few years ago and realized I spent much of my childhood amassing the world's most boring collection of stones.)

The conference's purpose is to explore student's work outside of the classroom. When I was a student, I didn't do work outside the classroom (unless you count my job with the campus post office, which I loved). I enjoy going to these presentations because I get a little glimpse at learning for the sake of learning again. And there is something exhilarating about discovering just how little I actually learned in college.

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