Sunday, November 9


I went to see Jen and Pam play in their final flag-football game of the season. Jen and Pam are a lot tougher than they look, and they took some serious shit from players a lot bigger than them. I was very proud. (Not, however, proud enough to put my freakishly strong self on the line next season.) The team scored a touchdown -- only the second of the season -- and there was intense jubilation. It was really great to watch people who enjoyed playing just for the sake of playing. Which is not to say that they weren't competitive women who wanted to win, but they were happy with the small moments.

Standing on the sidelines, watching the game, made me miss the good old days in college when I would cheer on my friends playing rugby. Watching football was a little strange. I kept waiting for them to get into a scrum or ruck over the ball. Alas, with flag football, there isn't any tackling even, so I was really confused.

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