Thursday, December 25

Happy holidays

I thought being away from home would lead to non-internet-related activities, but I was wrong. After eating some of the maple pie I made for her, my little sister wanted me to help her research graduate programs in history, and once I'm on the computer, I'm on. So, here I am, surfing the blogosphere as usual. What's also odd is that TLC had a While You Were Out marathon yesterday and a Trading Spaces marathon today, so with the TV watching, shopping, and internet surfing, it feels almost like a normal weekend. A normal weekend with a lot of presents. Oh, that every weekend could be this way.

Christmas with the family was (mostly) wonderful -- there were a lot of presents and a lot of food and only a few minor squabbles. My older sister has whooping cough, so she's not having a good time, even though she had a visit from the Tiffany's Santa. (Just for the record, I did not receive a present from the Tiffany's Santa. Get on that for next year, people.)

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