Wednesday, December 10

Just checking

Last night, whilst innocently eating dinner, I received a phone call from my VISA card company. I'm thinking, "Fuck, how could I have possibly gone over my limit?" while, apparently, they were thinking, "Fuck, who stole her credit card?" The conversation went something like this:

Concerned credit-card man: "I just wanted to confirm some charges. I have $102.57 to a music store?"
Me: "Yeah, that sounds right."
CCCM: "$48.50 at a toy store?"
Me: "Yup, did that too."
CCCM: "$59.87 at a book store?"
Me: "Yes."

After this went on for awhile, I finally just said, "I did a lot of Christmas shopping last night." We agreed that we could then assume that the massive quantities of money spent were indeed spent by me.

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