Monday, December 29

Pressure treated

The holidays, while fun and family filled, can be kind of stressful. In my typical over-confident fashion, I thought I was handling days on end with assorted relatives relatively well. I was obviously wrong.

Today I went to see Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King with my mom and niece. Good movie, if the ending did seem to go on forever. Lots of fun fighting, cool effects, and elvish ponderings (like, why are elves always so pretty? And why is Orlando Bloom way more delicate that Liv Tyler?). I even got a little choked up a few times. (Let's face it: I'm cheap at the movies. For all my tough, cold-hearted cynicism in daily life, you get me in a dark theater, throw in some dramatic movie-music, and I'm a marshmallow.) I thought I had myself under control by the end.

However. In the parking lot, I had to call my little sister to inquire about plans for the evening, as my dad and niece are returning to Ohio tomorrow. She was less than helpful, I was more than bitchy, and she ended up hanging up on me. And, after parting ways with the mom and niece, I ended up crying in the Saturn at the National Amusements in Lowell.

Don't let this kind of thing happen to you, people. Cry every day during the holidays. Weep openly in front of your family. Maybe it will get you sympathy or, at the very least, more presents. Don't be forced to break down alone in your car while Coldplay is on. Learn from my mistakes.

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