Tuesday, December 2

Solving the world's mysteries, one blog at a time

Jen doesn't understand why I like Grape-Nuts. It's not because she doesn't like them herself (she, being my super-healthy vegetarian roommate, loves the things), but because my approval of them does not fit her picture of me. (Grape-Nuts: Hard, crunchy goodness. What's not to love?) She also doesn't understand why I don't like coffee and cigarettes. Well, cigarettes, I think we can clear up with one word: Fire. Coffee, that's a slightly more complicated matter. I'd say my refined tastes disagree with the bitter brew, but I think we all know that's bullshit. The harder truth may be that when I was younger, my mother said, "You'll like it when you grow up." I can never let my mother be right about anything, so I think that's one less riddle to puzzle over.

As for the initial question of the Grape-Nuts, I merely counter with my roommate's love of Cool Whip. Some things just don't make sense, people.

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