Tuesday, January 13

All aboard

I had to pick my mom up at South Station last night. As my mother is deathly afraid of flying, she was taking a train back from a post-holiday family visit in Ohio. Now, South Station isn't that bad; you can park at the bus station and the exit is right off the highway. However, they've managed to mangle the exit several different ways since the last time I went, and my mother's train was delayed. For seven hours. Meaning I had to pick her up somewhere in the vicinity of midnight, drop her at her place in Lowell, and then drive my tired ass back home so I could grab five glorious hours of sleep before showing my grumpy face at work today.

When I met my mother, however, she saw my grumpiness and raised it. Not only was her train delayed seven hours, but Amtrak took everyone off the train at Albany, N.Y., and bused them to their final destinations. Now, the only thing worse than taking a train from Toledo to Boston is taking a bus from Albany to Boston. She was not pleased. And I am not pleased, because not only did I not get enough sleep, but my hair is flipping out on one side instead of curling under. I don't get up three minutes earlier in the morning to blow-dry this mess just to end up with the same results I would get if I just let it all freeze-dry on the way to work, dammit.

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