Wednesday, January 7

Digitally enhanced

Yesterday, I called to have Showtime added to my cable line-up (as if I didn't already have too many channels to watch). The L-Word is set to premiere in a little over a week, and I am not missing a minute of that show. (In other parenthetical citations, Katherine Moennig is hot and I used to watch Young Americans just because of her. And because I love bad teen TV, okay?)

I was excited to see that Showtime was already up and running on my TV by the time I got home from work -- digital cable is a good time. I had to upgrade my cable package to "gold" in order to add Showtime, so I was excited to check out the random-ass channels I'd gotten in addition to the movie station. Flipping around I noticed that my Oxygen was no longer working. Now, it's not like I spend all day glued to Oh! but I do watch it from time to time, and it usually has WNBA games on in the summer. So I crankily dial my cable provider to tell them to fix it. Now.

The very nice customer service guy informed me, however, that I had lost channels with my upgrade. That's right, I was paying more and losing channels ... and if I wanted Oxygen back, I had to buy a special "Premier Pack" in addition to my "gold" package. Now, this didn't make any sense to me, but extensive use of the phrase "grandfather package" confused me enough that I told him just to add it on to my damn bill. The L-Word better be worth all this, because I was also informed that I couldn't go back to my old package, as it is no longer available.

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