Tuesday, January 27

I'd make a hobbit joke, but they've all been done

The Oscar nominees are out, and there are no surprises (although I was pleased to see Keisha Castle-Hughes get a nod for Whale Rider). This was a dreadful year at the movies, evidenced by the fact that Return of the King is a front-runner for best picture. Aside from too many lingering and cloying shots of Sam and Frodo crying over their impending, but sadly never actualized, doom, an ending that never ended, and a heavy reliance on battles scenes, the movie was only okay. Like most trilogies, it was weak by the third installment. The love story between the king and the elf-maiden was diluted, and the camaraderie between the fellowship was forced. Mostly, I was just done with the whole thing.

That said, Lost in Translation was more interesting than engaging, Master and Commander was just ... who cares? and I still haven't seen Seabiscuit or Mystic River yet.

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